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Memory Table [04 Jun 2013|08:08pm]



Hunting with his brothers | Henrik Being Born | Beating up village boys who liked Rebekah | |Finding out Niklaus was his half brother | His first sexual experience | Finding out werewolves exist | Henrik dying | His father killing him | His first kill as a vampire | Compelling his first love to forget him | Burning the white oak tree | Niklaus telling him Mikael killed their mother | Killing Silas' worshippers | Helping his family build New Orleans | The fight that led to Klaus daggering him |

Bringing Out The Dead | Dangerous Liaisons | All My Children | Heart Of Darkness | After School Special | Catch Me If You Can | A View To Kill | The Walking Dead | Graduation | Resident Evil (Ghost)
The Originals: The Awakening

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 |
The Originals Season 1-5

Always and Forever (Flashback) | Farewell to Storyville (Flashback; Child) | Rebirth | Alive and Kicking | Every Mother's Son | Live and Let Die | Red Door | Chasing the Devils Tail | The Brothers That Care Forgot | The Map Of Moments | Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire | Brotherhood of the Damned | Sanctuary | The Devil Is Damned | I Love You, Goodbye | For the Next Millennium | Wild at Heart | Heart Shaped Box | A Streetcar Named Desire | An Old Friend Calls | Alone with Everybody | Behind the Black Horizon | The Devil Comes Here and Sighs | No More Heartbreaks | Where Nothing Stays Burried | Give 'em Hell Kid | The Bloody Crown | No Quarter | Hunter of Ruins | Voodoo Child | Phantomesque | A Spirit Here That Wont Be Broken| The Feast of All Sinners | Where You Left Your Heart | The Kindness of Strangers | Til the Day I Die | When The Saints Go Marching In

Vampire Fangs | Mikaelson Family Daylight Ring |
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[01 Jun 2013|11:29pm]

NAME: Ashley
AIM: TheMaidenAmorisa
EMAIL: ashleymariebrown@gmail.com
AVAILABILITY: All the time :)


NAME: Kol Mikaelson
FANDOM: The Vampire Diaries/The Originals
CANON POINT: End of 5x13

CAN THIS CHARACTER BE CANON PUNCTURED? For more information on this game's puncture system please see this page. No

CANON HISTORY: This can be in your own words or from a wiki. Please make sure if using a wiki it's not the tl;dr version and something more friendly like the wikipedia version. During the Middle Ages, Kol was born in a small village now known as Mystic Falls and like the rest of his family, was a human up until his younger brother, Henrik, was killed by werewolves. It was because of this tragedy that his mother, Esther (who is the Original witch), and his father, Mikael, decided to take action to protect the rest of their family. They drank wine laced with Tatia's blood and were killed by Mikael soon after. Later, Mikael forced them to feed on human blood, thus turning them into the first Original vampires.

Throughout this time, Kol was in eastern Europe making the Originals famous with his actions (most likely killing or turning people indiscriminately). He would later join his family in Italy where he went to a party held at a vampire hunter named Alexander's home. He was later daggered in a surprise attack but revived by his brother Klaus (who was unaffected by the daggers thanks to his hybrid powers).

During the 20th century, whilst living in New Orleans, their father Mikael had managed to track them down and killed many vampires in a fury, trying to locate his children. Kol was then neutralized by his brother Niklaus for unknown reasons. He was kept in a coffin for over 100 years, until he was freed by Elijah.

Since his release, Kol has caused nothing but problems for his family, from trying to kill Rebekah’s crush, to helping Klaus try and kill Jeremy Gilbert and keep the Mystic Falls gang in line. However, he met his demise when his paranoid delusions caught up to him. Believing that Klaus was working with Elena to help kill him, he tried to go after Jeremy Gilbert again.

Kol Mikaelson was the fifth born of seven children. Brought up by wealthy parents, Esther and Mikael, Kol was born into a life of luxury and privilege that most could only hope to have. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has always relished in the wealth of his mother and father provided for them. To say he became something of a spoiled brat would be a bit of an understatement.

Despite his larger than life attitude that was displayed even from a baby, Kol is very close to his family. One would have expected the child to not like sharing the attention with his baby sister Rebekah, but Kol was quite taken with her. She was fresh and new. She wasn’t a boy, she was a girl! And, being closet to Kol in age, he was a bit possessive over her, even though he often times shared her attention with his brother, Niklaus. The three were his constant companions. Elijah and Finn were a little too old for Kol to find interesting, and they never wanted to get into any trouble! While he loved them, Kol found that to be boring.

As he got older, Kol was constantly getting into trouble with his older brother Niklaus: staying out past curfew, tasting beer when he was well underage and just having fun. That is what Kol was all about: having fun and enjoying life to the fullest. He didn’t want to be the well-behaved men that Elijah and Finn were, overly protected like his sister Rebekah and he didn’t want to be coddled like Henrik. It was much more fun causing problem and getting into trouble with Nik than anything else.

Despite his devil-may-care nature, Kol actually took an interest in his studies as he got older. Although to be fair, it was what distracted him from the growing animosity between Niklaus and their father. Everyone tried to ignore the physical and mental abuse and pretend (or hope) it would just go away, but it bothered, even angered Kol. When they all found out that their mother had cheated on Mikael, it was a shocking revelation, but it didn’t make him love his brother any less. In fact, it made him angry that Klaus was paying the price for his mothers infidelity. He often times tried to get in-between his brother and Mikael during the altercations that looked to be turning physical, but was always pulled away by Finn or Elijah, telling him that it was not wise to get involved. So instead, he would distract Rebekah and Henrik from the constant fighting. They didn’t need to see what was going on, so he focused his attention on them, all the while resenting his mother for not stepping in to protect her son.

In High School, Kol became the Captain of the Basketball Team and a total ladies man. He didn’t have just one girlfriend, he had many girlfriends. He got a reputation for being a player and a man whore, but he didn’t care, he was sexy and there were way too many lovely ladies to experience. This, of course, was not acceptable to his parents. They expected him to conduct himself in a respectful manner towards women, but Kol would not be swayed. High School was the one place he could fully be himself. At home he had to be the ever obedient son, at social functions and Church gatherings he was a proper, charming gentleman. Kol openly defied his parents, and had made the comment that apparently it was acceptable in this family for people to act like whores. This was the first time his father had actually hit him and the first time he had ever made his mother cry, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t changing. Eventually, things went back to normal in his house and his parents eventually stopped asking him to change his ways, but a line in the sand had been drawn, on one side of it, stood Kol and Niklaus, and on the other side, his parents. Neither side would ever forget the fight that occurred.

When Kol graduated high school, surprisingly, it was with a Scholarship to play Basketball at UCLA. His family was ecstatic for him, and he was pretty pleased with himself. So, he packed up his things and moved into his dorm room on campus. However, he would visit with his siblings and parents weekly. For the first time, he felt out of his element. In high school, he was the basketball God, but here, there were players just as good—if not better than him on the team, which meant that Kol would have to work doubly as hard to prove he belonged there. On top of that, he still didn’t know what he wanted to do when he graduated college, so picking a major was difficult for him. Finally, he decided on Broadcast Journalism. If his career as a basketball player didn’t pan out, he at least knew enough about the sport to be an anchor on live TV and that, in his opinion, was better than having to abandon the sport all together.


So this was hell. Well, as close to hell as you could get without actually being dead. Toys R Us. Kol looked around at all the horrid pink toys in the little girls section with a mixture of horror and dislike. He had no business being in this section. He never would want to be in this section if it hadn’t been for one very important thing, his niece Natalia.

He loved that little girl more than life itself and for that reason, he was here, looking at Barbies and My Little Ponies and dolls that looked far too slutty to be suitable role models for little girls to be playing with.

Skipping over those, his eyes came to rest on a pink, fuzzy unicorn with purple glittery sparkles adoring its body. Hideous, but it was something his one year old niece would adore, and that alone was worth being in this asile.

Picking up the toy and ignoring how specs of purple glitter stuck to his hand, he headed towards the check out aisle. The sooner he got out of here the better.

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